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Diane Ivey :
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  • Manager of Mentorship (English)
  • Manager of Mentorship (Bilingual, English-Spanish)

Position Descriptions: 

The Merrimack Valley Sandbox is looking for two new part-time team members:  A Manager of Mentorship (English), and a Manager of Mentorship (Bilingual, English-Spanish).  Both positions are expected to need between 10 and 20 hours/week, with the range reflecting the availability of the managers and the seasonal variations in demand.  Pay will be commensurate with experience.  Funding is available for these positions for 18 months only.


  • Four year college degree strongly preferred.
  • Strong communications skills, including in person, on the phone, and in writing (samples desired, in both Spanish and English for the Bilingual position).
  • Demonstrated ability to handle strong personalities.
  • Entrepreneurial and/or small business experience, minimum five years.
  • Ability to travel to various locales in and around the Merrimack Valley and Greater Boston.
  • Experience in a mentoring relationship (either giving or receiving) a strong plus; recommendations of work as a mentor strongly desired.
  • Strong self-starter willing to take initiative but also who works well in a team.
  • Passion for entrepreneurship, small business, and community economic development.
  • Experience working with diverse populations and building partnerships across communities.

Position Details–Each Mentorship Manager will work closely with their corresponding Program Managers to ensure the pool of available mentors is of the quality and quantity to ensure the success of the programs. To that end, each Mentorship Manager will be expected to: initially, and on a regular basis afterwards:

  • Be in close contact with existing mentors – to know their availability, strengths/weaknesses, preferences, and recommendations on improvements to the MV Sandbox’s programs
  • Assess the successes and shortcomings of prior mentor programs held by the Merrimack Valley Sandbox
  • Fully understand the needs and future direction of the existing MV Sandbox entrepreneur programs by spending time with the Program Managers and the Executive Director
  • Assess the needs of the mentor pool as a whole, and make sure there is a good match between the pool’s capabilities and the program’s needs
  • Know and document the best practices of mentor programs across the country, with an emphasis on local programs
  • Be aware of supporting technology and other services that could help the Merrimack Valley Sandbox’s mentor programs achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently
  • Assess the visibility of the MV Sandbox’s entrepreneur and mentor programs in the target communities for mentors

Ongoing Needs–After the initial assessment period, the Managers of Mentoring will be responsible for developing these critical components of the two mentorship programs:

  • Marketing the programs to make sure that all possible mentors within a reasonable distance of Lowell/Lawrence are aware of the Merrimack Valley Sandbox and its entrepreneur/mentor programs
  • The recruitment of new mentors from organizations known to develop strong talent, including businesses, higher education institutions, non profits, and government
  • The training of mentors, using best practices from a variety of sources, to ensure that Merrimack Valley Sandbox mentors are considered top notch in their ability to help entrepreneurs advance with their business and non profit ventures.  The Managers will be expected to develop training materials and processes that will allow the Sandbox to continue the training after the 18 month period has ended.
  • Developing a documented assessment program to ensure that the program understands the desires and strengths/weaknesses of each mentor, so as to help place the mentors in the best possible relationships with entrepreneurs, working closely with the Program Managers to do so
  • Working with the MV Sandbox’s Marketing Manager, develop and run an ongoing outreach campaign to attract more mentor applicants.  Specific goals and quality thresholds will be established in advance of the outreach.
  • Working with the staff of the MV Sandbox, bring the technology platform to the next level so that it fully supports the mission of the Sandbox relating to mentors .
  • Developing the documentation of statistics on the mentor programs, to be updated every six months
  • Staying in close contact with mentors while they are working with Merrimack Valley Sandbox entrepreneurs to ensure the entrepreneurs are receiving the best possible help from their mentors, and that the mentors are satisfied with their roles and fellow mentors
  • After a mentor/entrepreneur relationship has ended, to assess the relationship and record all recommendations for ensuring even better outcomes in the future

Send resume and all relevant attachments, including writing samples, via email to:

David Parker
Executive Director - Merrimack Valley Sandbox

*Please, no phone calls*